About Stixs

Stixs is a delegated access policy Postfix module, it's written in perl and is based on a dedicated (not generic or RBL-based) IP address blacklist and a list of forged fake address.

The current release is works with the Bld blacklist server.

The rationale is that you can happily block any mail from an IP if you are 100% sure that what it will deliver is 100% spam. Since spammers harvest email addresses from the environment we share with them (web pages, forums and so on), we have the means of altering that environment on purpose, inducing them to use "fake" addresses so that we can immediately spot them as spammers.

This technique is called spamtrap. Stixs combines it with a blacklist server that remembers the IP address of an offending sender for a reasonable time (without the need to block entire IP ranges of dynamic addresses).

Instead of providing addresses to harvesters, you can build a ready-made list of "bogus" addresses from the "rejected" records in your mail logs.


The program is released under the GPL License

You can download Stixs from sourceforge.

The author is Alberto Cammozzo, aka "mmzz". Feel free to contact me. For email see my home site cammozzo.com

The program is distributed as is, the Author is not liable nor responsible for consequences of the use of the program or for any inaccurate information that may be viewed on this website.